Vintage Theaters


Wether you’re looking for a date night venue, a day out with your family, or just some vintage fun, vintage theaters are the perfect solution. A vintage theater can range from being old and classic to performing/playing vintage movies and plays. Here’s a few places that we found online:

1. Vintage Theater Collective: (Chicago, IL)

Here is the collective’s mission statement, “It is our mission to dialogue with classic works and learn through them how to better live in our world today. We produce classics with a modern twist and have a bent toward new adaptations.”

2. Sequoia Theatre: (Mill Valley, CA)

Here’s what their website said about the theatre, “First opened as a single screen theatre in 1929 with 1,200 seats. Twinned in 1975, the former Sequoia Twin Cinema is part of the Mill Valley Film Festival each year.”

3. Scranton’s Village Theater: (Scranton, PA)

This is their mission statement, “The Vintage Theater’s mission is to cultivate and showcase the numerous art forms that make up Northeastern Pennsylvania, and introduce the professional arts to up and coming performers/artists.”

Vintage Theater Collective

Vintage Theater Collective

Screenshot taken here.


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