Football season means vintage football gear


Have you ever noticed that football involves fashion, too? When you imagine football players, you often think of the jersey and those tights pants. Maybe you think of the logo on the helmet or the color that fans where on game day. There is no denying it – fashion is involved in football.

Vintage or collectable, whatever you would like to call it, old football apparel and gear is in demand. On the football fanatic website, there is tons of vintage inspired apparel for sale. In case you weren’t sure if it was vintage, the website has photoshopped the word “VINTAGE” into the bottom right corner of these pieces.

You can also shop Ebay for authentic and inspired vintage football gear. Hoodies, jerseys, bath robes, you name it – they got it!

There’s a website called Antique Athlete that auctions off authentic sports apparel and gear, too.

What about you – do you wear vintage or vintage inspired football apparel?


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