Vintage Work-out Clothing: 1980s

1980s work out fashion

1980s work out fashion

Leg warmers, impossibly tight spandex everything, thick headbands, and big hair… what else could we be talking about? The 1980s had some seriously experimental fashion and it didn’t stop when you hit the fitness center!

Sure, many of us look back and ask- what were they thinking? But maybe we’re just jealous. Sometimes wearing outrageous clothes is fun! How many people can you think of who have dressed up in 1980s fashion for Halloween or parties? I can think of plenty!

That’s why we, Rubber Soul Vintage, exist. We sell vintage and vintage-inspired clothing from the 1920s and on. So if you love the 1980s or any other kind of vintage clothing as much as us, be sure to swing by our store in downtown San Diego and like us on Facebook!

Photo found here.


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