Making your own vintage (or alterations)


Do you ever find the perfect vintage item, but then realize it was made for the body of a 1940s woman in a corset (or a present day toddler)? Maybe you should learn how to alter your clothes!

Just because you make your own clothes doesn’t mean you have to look like the Duggars or a pioneer. If you know the basics of tailoring, your vintage closet can grow even more. Tangerine Boutique has a great write-up about the benefits of altering. They note that altering pristine vintage can damage the value. But if you found something you love that doesn’t work for you, you can alter it and make it a piece that’s priceless to you.

ImageeHow presenter Amber Kloss shows us in this video how you can make some simple alterations to vintage clothes without damaging them. And Jezebel has a great article about altering thrift store finds.

Try it out on your next find and good luck!


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