A True Vintage Junkie


Salamon can be seen around Manhattan on her green bike

Tziporah Salamon is a 62 year old New Yorker who dresses in only vintage. Unlike last week’s post, Salamon doesn’t limit herself to a decade. However, she has a much larger collection.

Salamon’s wardrobe ranges from 1860s Japanese to 1930s French. Just because she uses stuff from the past doesn’t mean her outfits have ever been seen before. She combines a cloud collar dating from the Qing Dynasty with a straw headband. But she doesn’t just whip up an outfit.

Salamon wears a tasseled cloud collar from the Qing Dynasty over a 1930s Chinese coat with a 1920s straw headband and earrings made of antique ivory-and-bone Chinese game pieces. Photo by Martin Scott Powell, martinscottpowell.com

“I didn’t just wear the jacket when I got it,” Salamon said. “It was an incredible jacket, and I could’ve just worn it over black pants. That’s not what I do ever. I won’t plop on a piece just because it’s new. Every component has to be as wonderful as all the other components. Once it all comes together, that’s the outfit for me. I don’t change it up. It is a painting for me.”

Her closet (plus two storage lockers) contains over 200 hats alone. You can read an in-depth article (with plenty more pictures!) on Collector’s Weekly.

Does Salamon inspire you? Maybe you can find that final piece to complete your outfit at Rubber Soul Vintage!


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