Living in the Past


Doris Mayday poses in head-to-toe vintage in front of her restored 1950s car

Are you obsessed with vintage? Doris Mayday is. She was featured on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession for being fixated on the life of a 1950s woman. Everything she buys is genuine vintage, including shoes, jewelry, and even her car.

Mayday works as a model and is running a Bettie Page Clothing store in Minnesota. Her biggest fear is winter, because finding vintage size 9½ winter boots is practically impossible. Instead, Mayday ties garbage bags around her legs, so the vintage shoes she wears don’t get ruined.

Even her boyfriend is a 1950s greaser!

Are you obsessed with vintage? What kind of troubles do you have looking for the perfect vintage outfit? Rubber Soul Vintage might be your place to find what you’re looking for!

Below is a video, where you can see why she’s so obsessed:


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