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Vintage for a Man


Vintage for women can be hard. Sizes have changed, the clothes are delicate, and finding a vintage look-a-like can be expensive. But for men, vintage is a little easier. Vintage clothes for men held up a little better and are usually cheaper, and the vintage look can be created with more modern items.

Vintage suit jackets can be some of the easiest vintage items to find, and they also tend to have the least wear and tear. For a slim man, the cut is usually just right. Also, these pieces can be worn as a fashion statement or to work; they stand out just enough.

Another item (an I know it’s too hot for this) is a coat. Vintage coats are great. They’re warm as ever, they fit well, and


Road Trip!


Are you going on a road trip this summer? John andSarah of Vintage Road Trip took last summer to road trip across the US (and parts of Canada) and stopped at garage sales along the way. While they didn’t post much, they did have a good idea. Just because your road trip is long doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun along the way!

Do some research ahead of time and look for garage sales on Craigslist or in local papers. Then, make a detour off the monotonous highway and go into town for some vintage shopping. You’ll be able to find some cool stuff and you’ll get to see some quintessential Americana.

Mods vs Rockers Chicago


This past weekend, motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts from the Chicago area (where this writer resides) got together to show off their rides. This get-together focused on vintage rides, with Vespas and Harleys making up the majority. People got dressed up, rode around, and generally had fun. They weekend kicked off with a BBQ dinner with live music, and the next day had a ride around the city, ending in another concert at the bottom lounge. Below is a teaser video:

Making your own vintage (or alterations)


Do you ever find the perfect vintage item, but then realize it was made for the body of a 1940s woman in a corset (or a present day toddler)? Maybe you should learn how to alter your clothes!

Just because you make your own clothes doesn’t mean you have to look like the Duggars or a pioneer. If you know the basics of tailoring, your vintage closet can grow even more. Tangerine Boutique has a great write-up about the benefits of altering. They note that altering pristine vintage can damage the value. But if you found something you love that doesn’t work for you, you can alter it and make it a piece that’s priceless to you.

ImageeHow presenter Amber Kloss shows us in this video how you can make some simple alterations to vintage clothes without damaging them. And Jezebel has a great article about altering thrift store finds.

Try it out on your next find and good luck!

Vintage Book Shout-Out: “Cyclepedia” by Michael Embacher

Cyclepedia by Michael Embacher

Cyclepedia by Michael Embacher

While scrolling through the wonderful online store of Pop Deluxe, we ran across an amazing encyclopedia about vintage bicycles and iconic design. In the screenshot above, you can see that it is on sale from $35.00 to $19.98! This book is perfect for the bicycle lover, someone who needs a coffee-table decoration, or anyone who appreciates vintage.

A True Vintage Junkie


Salamon can be seen around Manhattan on her green bike

Tziporah Salamon is a 62 year old New Yorker who dresses in only vintage. Unlike last week’s post, Salamon doesn’t limit herself to a decade. However, she has a much larger collection.

Salamon’s wardrobe ranges from 1860s Japanese to 1930s French. Just because she uses stuff from the past doesn’t mean her outfits have ever been seen before. She combines a cloud collar dating from the Qing Dynasty with a straw headband. But she doesn’t just whip up an outfit.

Salamon wears a tasseled cloud collar from the Qing Dynasty over a 1930s Chinese coat with a 1920s straw headband and earrings made of antique ivory-and-bone Chinese game pieces. Photo by Martin Scott Powell,

“I didn’t just wear the jacket when I got it,” Salamon said. “It was an incredible jacket, and I could’ve just worn it over black pants. That’s not what I do ever. I won’t plop on a piece just because it’s new. Every component has to be as wonderful as all the other components. Once it all comes together, that’s the outfit for me. I don’t change it up. It is a painting for me.”

Her closet (plus two storage lockers) contains over 200 hats alone. You can read an in-depth article (with plenty more pictures!) on Collector’s Weekly.

Does Salamon inspire you? Maybe you can find that final piece to complete your outfit at Rubber Soul Vintage!

Living in the Past


Doris Mayday poses in head-to-toe vintage in front of her restored 1950s car

Are you obsessed with vintage? Doris Mayday is. She was featured on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession for being fixated on the life of a 1950s woman. Everything she buys is genuine vintage, including shoes, jewelry, and even her car.

Mayday works as a model and is running a Bettie Page Clothing store in Minnesota. Her biggest fear is winter, because finding vintage size 9½ winter boots is practically impossible. Instead, Mayday ties garbage bags around her legs, so the vintage shoes she wears don’t get ruined.

Even her boyfriend is a 1950s greaser!

Are you obsessed with vintage? What kind of troubles do you have looking for the perfect vintage outfit? Rubber Soul Vintage might be your place to find what you’re looking for!

Below is a video, where you can see why she’s so obsessed: