Staying Cool in Summer with Backless Clothing

Vintage Backless Dresses

Vintage Backless Dresses

For those of you who aren’t familiar with backless clothing, it is just as it sounds. Clothing that doesn’t have fabric covering a small or large section of your back. It can be on dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, and swim suits, and even wedding dresses. If you’re gutsy enough to sport the backless look, it can provide cool relief in the summer sun.

In the photo arrangement above, found here, you can see the many beautiful, vintage dresses that are backless. The backless dress is nothing new to fashionistas in previous decades. And at Rubber Soul Vintage, in San Diego, you can find some vintage and vintage inspired dresses like these!

But there are also many new takes on backless clothing. Some dresses have interesting shapes cut out of the backs, and some dress backs are simply see-through. Some wedding dresses use a combination of backless and lace to make exquisite looking designs.

Wether you dress your backless clothing up or down, you’re bound to be cool in the summertime and have a unique wardrobe choice! Photo below found here.

Backless Dress with Bow on Top

Backless Dress with Bow on Top


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