High-Waisted Bell-Bottoms

Women and children in vintage bell bottoms

Women and children in vintage bell-bottoms

The high-waisted bell-bottom pants as we know them gained popularity in Europe in the 1960s. Shortly after that, they appeared in the U.S. and were very popular in the late 1960s and then into the ’70s and ’80s. The basic characteristic of the bell-bottom is that the pants start to flare heavily from the knee down. They came in plaid designs, wool, cotton, and jean material.

Bell-bottoms have made a resurgence into popular culture yet again, having seen them sold everywhere from tiny boutiques to department stores. Found in a variety of washes, bell-bottom jeans have become a popular choice for many women because of the flattering shape they give women’s legs.

High-waisted bell-bottoms can be seen on every age and even some men are trying to bring the style back. So if you’re looking for some great vintage pieces to add to your collection, check out Rubber Soul Vintage in San Diego, CA for affordable vintage and vintage-inspired clothing and accessories.

Fashionable high-waisted bell-bottom jeans

Fashionable high-waisted bell-bottom jeans

Women with children photo found here. Fashionable jeans photo found here.


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