Medieval Vintage


Everybody’s doing vintage nowadays. Your grandma’s rocking the real thing, your friends wear the t-shirts that there dads bought at the Led Zeppelin concert in 1977 and movie stars are wearing vintage styles made fresh. But you want something even more vintage, because let’s face it, you’re a hipster and want to do what no one else is doing. Let’s get medieval.

Hope you like tunics and coifs…

First off, everyone wore dresses (or things that look like dresses to modern eyes), so boys are going to have a little harder time with this. But as you can see on the right, everyone who wasn’t royal wore a bland selection of fabric, tied near the waist, with a hood and archaic pantyhose.

However, all the cool kids probably want to emulate the royalty. Now those guys had some style. Kings and queens had exotic fur lining their capes, velvety leggings, and layers upon layers of un-wench-like garb.

As you can see on below, men still wore dresses, but there was a lot more to distract from the lack of separation below the waist. And women got some fun hats. Even if you worked with the royalty, you got to wear a more exciting outfit than the surfs.

The royals got a little more flair.

While you might have a hard time finding medieval garb at Rubber Soul Vintage, at least you’ll be able to find something as unique!


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