Maxi Dress: 1960-70s and Now

Vintage maxi dress

Vintage maxi dress

During the 1960s and parts of the 1970s, much of the youth culture experimented with fashion that reflected the times. It was a time for free-love, hippy hair, and the maxi dress. The maxi dress was part of the rebellious, counter culture. Many of the youth in this counter culture were the children of middle class parents, rejecting the capitalist/corporate lifestyle.

The maxi dresses back then could be lace, floral patterned, ruffled, or colorful. The fact that they were long, flowing, and boundary-less appealed to the then-rebels.

For awhile, the maxi dress went away but now, the maxi dress is part of the mainstream culture. You can find these dresses anywhere from Target to Forever 21. It is being worn by young women and their mothers. Though the dresses are still cute, they have a different symbolic meaning then what they used to.

At Rubber Soul Vintage, we have a lovely selection of vintage and vintage inspired dresses from the 1920s on. If you’re ever in the San Diego, CA, area, feel free to swing by and check it out for yourself!

D&G Vintage-Inspired Maxi Dress

D&G Vintage-Inspired Maxi Dress

Vintage maxi dress photo found here. D&G maxi dress photo found here.


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