Vintage Headbands

The criss-cross style headband

The criss-cross style headband

For some outfits, accessories take center stage. One accessory that can really make a bold statement is the headband, and vintage headbands from the 1920s are absolutely beautiful. Somehow, these headbands are the essence of being fashion forward (at the time) while simultaneously looking classically chic.

In the early 1900’s, headbands were used to relieve headaches, but they seemed to stick more because of the fashion and style. There were many styles and adaptations to the headband, as well. Some headbands made a criss-cross pattern on the top of the head, made with wide but thin fabrics. Some headbands were once around, with the focus of the band laying on the forehead. Some were decked out with jewelry.

The 1920s headband style is still being worn by vintage and modern lovers. There are dual purpose knitted headbands made for fashion and warmth. Many brides have been seen wearing 1920s style headbands down the aisle. Some people are wearing minimalist headbands with no ornamentation on it as fashion statement and to keep hair out of their faces.

You can sometimes find headbands and other accessories in our store, Rubber Soul Vintage. So if you’re in the San Diego area, be sure to swing by!

The different styles of headbands

The different styles of headbands

Criss-cross headband photo found here. Headband variety photo found here.


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  1. What pretty headbands! I didn’t know that they were used to relieve headaches, either…regardless, they are very beautiful! I love deco!!

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