Vintage Clothing for Kids

Vintage girl dressed in DIY clothing

Vintage girl dressed in DIY clothing


Vintage, vintage-inspired, and retro clothing is a popular choice for adults, but now it’s also starting to be seen in children’s boutiques and online shops. Patouche, based in Toronto, Canada, is one such store designing beautiful, vintage clothing for kids that even some adults would be jealous of.

There’s also been a DIY kids clothing resurgence. Vintage Style for Kids is one of the many books that has vintage patterns and designs for parent’s who sew outfits for their kids. There are also websites, like Green Parenthood, who blog about being sustainable and eco-friendly, even when it comes to kid’s clothing.

And of course, there’s Etsy. Wether you’re looking for baby bow ties, knitted cardigans, or DIY clothing patterns, there are many options for kids who desire that vintage feel. And though we, Rubber Soul Vintage, do not sell children’s vintage clothes, we’re happy to supply you with vintage clothing and accessories for adults.

Patouche vintage-inspired children's clothing

Patouche vintage-inspired children's clothing

Vintage girl photo found here. Patouche photo found here.


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  1. Kids vintage clothing seems to be an aspect of vintage clothing that is often overlooked. Is it just us or have you noticed that too?

    Anyhow, this is such a wonderful post! Thanks for pointing out just how fashionable children’s clothing can be and for also showing where to find it!

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