Cooking in the Kitchen- Vintage Style

Vintage Wood Jam Cupboard

Vintage Wood Jam Cupboard

Many people enjoy sleek, modern, updated kitchens, but there’s no denying that vintage-inspired kitchens have made a resurgence. A simple google search will prove the many options for buying vintage and or vintage-inspired kitchen goods.

Sur La Table has included “vintage-inspired” in the titles of many products from aprons, tea & kitchen towels, oven mitts, and pot holders.

Anthropologie may not name their kitchen products as “vintage-inspired” but it’s easy to see that the products were inspired by the past. Many items look like they could be found in your grandma’s home. Some products are antique-looking dining room measuring spoons, feminine and nautical aprons, and beautiful glassware.

But if you’re like us, at Rubber Soul Vintage, you appreciate authentic vintage too. A quick search on Etsy will show thousands of options to outfit your vintage kitchen. We found a vintage scale, farmhouse sink, and a jam cupboard.

Anthropologie Kitchen Design in a 2007 Catalogue

Anthropologie Kitchen Design in a 2007 Catalogue

Jam Cupboard photo found here. Anthropologie catalogue ad photo found here.


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