Beautiful Vintage Inspired Weddings

Aiguille Gown

Aiguille Gown

Comme Il Faut Dress

Comme Il Faut Dress

BHLDN, a wedding design company, may not necessarily describe their products as vintage inspired but they certainly look it. We started seeing wedding dresses from this website popping up on Pinterest. Then, we found out that Anthropologie got behind these dresses, a store known for its vintage inspired dresses.

Some wedding dresses look as if they are straight out of the 1920s glamour of the Great Gatsby, like the Aiguille Gown. Some dresses, like the Sweet Tea Gown, look like its made for a vintage inspired western movie. There is even the Comme Il Faut Dress which looks like it could be straight out of Mad Men.

You don’t have to be a bride to enjoy the BHLDN website. There are bridesmaids and partygoer dresses, lingerie, shoes and other accessories, decor, and gifts. One of the pages on the website is also good reading with articles like “wedding hair” and “three days in Paris.”


Screen shot from the BHLDN "headpieces" page

Screen shot from the BHLDN "headpieces" page

If you like vintage inspired weddings, be sure to check out our shop, Rubber Soul Vintage. We have a lovely selection of vintage and vintage inspired clothing for men and women in our San Diego, CA store.

Aiguille Gown found here. Comme Il Faut Dress found here. BHLDN screenshot found here.


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