Photography: How to Get That Vintage Look in Your Pictures

Lomography Diana Deluxe Package

Lomography Diana Deluxe Package sold at Urban Outfitters

Wether you’re on vacation or taking photos of your day-to-day life, there’s a lot of excellent products out there that can get you the vintage vibe.

1. Instagram: This is an application, or app, that has been around for a couple years on the iPhone and was just released to Androids. It is one of the fastest growing apps of all time for good reason. Just open the app, snap a picture, and then choose from photo filters. These filters make your photo look like it’s from any decade you choose.

2. Lomography Cameras: These are new cameras that look like vintage cameras. Sold online and in popular stores like Urban Outfitters, and some even come in a package with all the accessories you can imagine.

3. Polaroids: For awhile, Polaroid stopped making their instant cameras, but when people demanded it back, they supplied. They now sell a Polaroid Z340 which is a combination of instant and digital but still has that cool vintage look. There are also a lot of old Polaroid cameras being sold on Etsy for little to nothing. But keep in mind, the film isn’t cheap.

Lomography screenshot found here.


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