Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff: Shout Out to this Vintage Inspired Shoe Collection

Screenshot from

Screenshot from Her designs.

Designer Rachel Antonoff Poses

Designer Rachel Antonoff Poses

According to the the Bass shoe website, Rachel Antonoff introduced herself to the fashion world as a freelance writer. She’s written for Nylon, Blackbook, Teen Vogue, and Lula Magazine. In spring of 2009, she launched “Rachel Antonoff” and has been a growing fashion influence since.

Why we, Rubber Soul Vintage, like her so much is because many of her designs are vintage inspired. And her collection of shoes “Bass loves Rachel Antonoff” are filled with polka dots, florals, bizarre color blocking, penny loafers, bow ties, and all things considered- they’re just adorable!

Don’t get us wrong, we love authentic vintage more than anything. But vintage is unique and one of a kind which makes is nearly impossible to carry a shoe or a dress in all sizes. So if you need a vintage style shoe that you can’t find at Rubber Soul Vintage in San Diego, we suggest the Bass loves Rachel Antonoff line. But keep in mind, Rachel Antonoff shoes are going to be much pricier than shoes in our store!

Rachel Antonoff posing photo found here.


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