Where to Buy Vintage in North Park (San Diego, CA)


Located downtown San Diego, in the Gaslamp District is our vintage clothing store, Rubber Soul Vintage. We are independently owned and operated, and we love to shout-out our support other indie-bound stores. In the North Park area of San Diego, we’ve found some awesome shops:


Frock You Vintage Clothing

Frock You Vintage Clothing


Frock You Vintage Clothing: Located at 4121 Park Blvd. is a independent store called Frock You that does the hard thrifting for you. This place is ideal for shoppers who love vintage clothing but don’t have time to search through a secondhand shop for a gem that can often be one in a million. The downside is that this shop is not open Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.




Vintage Religion

Vintage Religion

Vintage Religion: On Yelp, this store has 36 reviews and not one of them is below 3 stars- That’s saying something! At 3821 32nd street, Vintage Religion is a wonderfully random shop that has more than clothing. There is incense, religious iconography, artwork, and humorous goodies. Many reviewers said that you had to see it to believe it.



Thrift Trader

Thrift Trader


Thrift Trader: Located at 3939 Iowa Street, Thrift Trader offers a unique way to shop for vintage. The store will buy the items you don’t care for anymore (50 cents a piece) which keeps the prices down on the stuff you do want to buy. Buying in bulk gets you a good deal, and did we mention that they sell used music and videos? And a lot of them!



Hunt & Gather

Hunt & Gather


Hunt & Gather: This little place has used, vintage, and consignment clothing and is in an ideal location at 2871 University Ave. One review on Yelp by Danny W. said, “Hunt & Gather is a small store that makes it pretty easy to find it with a ratio of about 4 cool threads to 1 eye sore.” The prices are higher than simply buying used because the owner of the shops picks everything out herself.



Frock You photo found here. Vintage Religion photo found here. Thrift Trader photo found here. Hunt & Gather photo found here.


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