Where to Get Vintage-Inspired Swim Suits


Have you ever looked through old family photo albums of vacations to the beach and noticed how amazing swim suits used to be? But the thought of wearing an authentic, vintage swim suit may feel kind of icky.

At Rubber Soul Vintage, we love all things vintage, but carrying authentic, vintage swim suits isn’t our thing. Although, we’ll point you in the right direction should you choose to buy a vintage-inspired suit.

At unique-vintage.com, you can find many vintage-inspired swim suits, wedding and prom dresses, shoes, and accessories. Some of the models of these pieces even look like Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe.

The site also has clothing for men and kids. The mens department has selections of casual dress, tuxedos, and accessories.

We, at Rubber Soul Vintage, do prefer authentic vintage, but we also carry some vintage-inspired pieces too. So if you are around the San Diego area, make sure you stop into the store at 625 8th Avenue.

Unique-vintage photo found here. Bettie Page photo found here.

Unique Vintage Swim Suit

Unique Vintage Swim Suit

Betty Page Posing on the Beach
Betty Page Posing on the Beach



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