Floral Sensationalism in the 1970s

Ossie Clark Checks Fit of His Design on a Model

Ossie Clark Checks Fit of His Design on a Model

The late 1960s were a rebellious time for youth in America and they wanted to claim a look for themselves. They didn’t want to be associated with their elders, so they didn’t dress like them. The 1970s gave way to a “back to nature” fashion movement. Musicians and designers traveled to countries that they believed were closer to nature and wore the ethnic prints and embraced the lifestyle.

During the “back to nature” trend, the clothes were floral rich, organic in design, flow-y, fringe-y, and asymmetrical. No patterns were too wild or bizarre. Colors were warm and bright and there were plenty of them.

Designer Zandra Rhode’s 1970s dresses and shawls were groundbreaking to the 1970s fashion movement. The designs were colorful, asymmetrical, and had interesting patterns like shells, leaves, and butterflies.

Ossie Clark was another influential 1970s designer. He came to fame with his swinging sixties apparel, but changed with the times. His dresses are known for gently fitted shapes, layering, maxi coats, and deep v-necks.

At Rubber Soul Vintage, we have many 1970s dresses and suits. Stop in for yourself and see!

Ossie Clark Dress

Ossie Clark Dress

 Ossie Clark dress photo found here. Ossie with model photo found here.



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