Androgyny Fashion: Then & Now

Marlene Dietrich as Amy Jolly in Morocco

Marlene Dietrich in Morocco.

Coco Chanel's Androgynous Designer Clothing

Coco Chanel's Androgynous Designs.













Emmanuelle Alt for Vogue Editorial Spread

Emmanuelle Alt for Vogue Editorial Spread.




Androgyny as a fashion or style refers to the delicate interlacing of feminine and masculine characteristics seen in clothing and hairstyles. This style was popular in a few 1930s films, most notably Morocco where Marlene Dietrich plays Amy Jolly. Dietrich’s character dresses in feminine and masculine clothing throughout the film which made tuxedos carry an entirely different message.

In 1993, a movie about the mid-nineteenth century’s wild west called The Ballad of Little Joe, Suzy Amis‘ character, Josephine Monaghan, disguises her gender by dressing as a man. She goes by “Jo” and wears oversized masculine clothing in order to survive on her own during a time when being alone was dangerous for a woman. Click here to see a photo.

Fashion continues to use this trend, and the media is still fascinated by it. Published just today, an Associated Press article, “Gender-bending model pushes limits of the runway” tells the story of Andrej Pejic, a model who will walk New York’s Fashion Week  runway as both a man and woman.

Even before Hollywood picked up this trend, Coco Chanel introduced an androgynous look in the 1910s. Now, new fashion leaders like Emmanuelle Alt are continuing the androgynous designs.

Dietrich photo found here. Chanel photo found here. Alt photo found here.


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